Monday, June 2, 2014

Blind Spot awarded new work grant from the Australia Council for the Arts!

.... for those of you that follow my blog I am about to do some serious back dating of news events and updates for my records so forgive me but the wonderful news is well overdue!


Late last year (2013) I was awarded a new work grant for the biggest project I have ever attempted...I am thrilled to be pushing my arts practice to new heights (literally in this case!) Blind Spot is a year long project that will focus on reinterpreting traditional craft materials and techniques, working with new technologies to find an innovative way to respond to the theme the artwork addresses-

'In every observation there is a blind spot, the spot on the retina where the optical nerve is connected making the eye blind on that very spot, all one can do is try to move these blind spots, in an effort to catch a glimpse of the invisible'

The Australia Council for the Arts is an amazing resource for Australia Artists... they reveal hidden truths about Aussie culture like: 

watch this space for project updates....

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