- indivisible

Indivisible: Portrait of Humanity, 2012 (Left)
Indivisible: Portrait of the ‘Other World’, 2012 (Right)
Photographic Series
Individual print size- Height 84cm x Width 59cm  

A portrait of their species, Indivisible is a pair of photographic images of a single Human Cell and Animal Cell. The work illustrates the indivisible differences at the cellular level between humans and animals. Examined by the eye of the microscope, presented competitively they appear worlds apart and yet inextricably linked. As life formes we are equally fragile and resilient. Within the context of the ecological conundrum we collectively face it becomes apparent that we are both biologically tethered to an ecosystem of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the changes of its counterparts.

Research for this work has been collated with the assistance of Dr Judy Callaghan, Monash Micro Imaging.

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