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Monday, June 10, 2013

Life Support Systems nominated for Artecycle Award 2013

I am delighted to share that Life Support Systems was shortlisted for the 2013 Artecycle Art Award at Incinerator Gallery.

The exhibition runs from the 24th May - 14th July 
@ Incinerator Gallery
180 Holmes Rd, Moonee Ponds

About the Work

Life Support Systems uses NASA space suit helmet glass to map the history of monitoring Earth’s Atmosphere and today’s attitudes towards Climate Change: the forecast for tomorrow.

Visually we first became aware of the role Earth’s atmosphere plays in weather and sustaining our environment in the space race’s iconographic images. In the 1950s the dichroic glass lens of the space suit helmet reflected the first view of Earth as a tiny fragment in an ecosystem of universal proportions from which no part is immune from the changes of its counterparts. NASA’s further atmospheric observations have revealed the current ecological crisis.

We produce vast amounts of scientific data to comprehend changing environmental conditions. This information challenges our perception of our environment and ourselves as we strive to understand the balance we need to live sustainably.

Life Support Systems is a series of three atmospheric weather maps that chart shifting weather conditions in the atmosphere over Antarctica that have global implications. The work aims to explore how the forecast for tomorrow’s weather is reliant on our perception of our environment today.

You can see Jasmine talking more about the work by clicking (here)

You can find out more about the award by clicking (here)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Solo Exhibition Opens! The Crumbling Ecologies Project at Craft Victoria

It has been an amazing couple of weeks- the opening of Crumbling Ecologies went off without a hitch! We got some awesome press coverage before and after the exhibition opened.. here are a few snippits of the best bits!

A Dying Art? - The Age
by Dylan Rainforth

The Crumbling Ecologies Project - Vogue Living
by Madeleine Hinchy

by Emma Koehn

Watch this space- Chanel 31 Coverage from the opening soon!! 

For more details on the Crumbling Ecologies Project- Check out the website:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crumbling Ecologies Exhibition Opening

Tomorrow is the long awaited opening of Crumbling Ecologies.... and your all invited!!

Exhibition Opening - 6 - 8pm, Thursday April 26, Craft Victoria - 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

You may have heard about the project on the street... in the studio.... in the Age today, or even this months in Vogue - the Crumbling Ecologies Project has arrived! The exhibition is being opened by the legendary Grace Cochrane, former Senior Curator at Powerhouse Museum Sydney.

a little more on the project to date...

Crumbling Ecologies interrogates the impact of the economic climate on both environmental conservation and arts education in Melbourne. In times of economic crisis both art and conservation funding is cut, raising questions on their value to culture and society. A response to the ongoing threatened closure of many media specific courses across Victoria, the works examine the relevancy of these materials within contemporary arts practice and the impact the loss of educators will have on Melbourne’s artistic culture.

The central work in the exhibition Crumbling Ecology, features thousands of hand made geranium leaves that on closer inspection appear on the brink of crumbling, embodying the story of their makers- the artists directly impacted. Geraniums signify the economic impact on the ecological equilibrium and the importance of preserving craft as a diverse form of contemporary arts practice within Victoria.

The collaborative installation of over 35,000 hand-cast porcelain geraniums has been made by practicing artist and teachers who wish to comment on how the closure of Melbourne’s craft studios will impact their future careers and the status of Australian made, hand crafted ceramics on a national scale. Currently over 100 artists have been involved in the project from Melbourne, Regional Victoria and NSW...

to read more on the project go to - http://www.crumblingecologies.blogspot.com.au

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jasmine Targett on Art Emperor TV

Jasmine's latest installation in Wonderland at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei has been reviewed by Art Emperor Taiwan!

You can check out a guided tour review of the exhibition on youtube by clicking on the image above, or link below-


-Jasmine's work features about 1 min into the video.

For more on Art Emperor's coverage of Wonderland-


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'Space travel meets art in reflective exhibition' - Wonderland artworks Reviewed!

Monash international media center has released a feature article and review on my latest works in Wonderland at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Taipei


Click on the image or link above to read more on the exhibition and works.

Wonderland @ MOCA Taipei: 10 Feb - 8 April 2012.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Works open at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei

I am thrilled to announce an exhibition of my New Works in Wonderland at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei this week.

Installation at MOCA Taipei featuring Targett's Life Support Systems (back wall) and Atmosphere (foreground) 

Wonderland is a survey of innovative contemporary art emerging from Australia, the exhibition will feature works from 24 artists including-
Kristy Boyle, Bindi Cole, Daniel Crooks, Anna Davern, Alex Davies, Julie Dowling, Matthew Gardiner, Matthew Gingold, Chris Henschke, George Khut, Fiona Lowry, Jasmine Targett, Jess MacNeil, Jon McCormack, Cath Robinson, Julie Ryder, Kuuki (Priscilla Bracks, Gavin Sade), Kylie Stillman, Josephine Starrs and Leon Cmielewski, Martin Walch and Yvette Coyle. 

 Image - Associae Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Antoanetta Ivanova discusses Targett's exhibition at MOCA Taipei.

The exhibition runs from the 10th February - 8th April 2012

@ MOCA Taipei 

Accompanying the exhibition will be a 200 page colour catalogue in English and Chinese featuring an essay Life Support Systems by John Gregory. If you would like to purchase a catalogue please email- jasminetargett@hotmail.com

For further information on Wonderland please go to- www.mocataipei.org.tw
Proudly supported by Monash University Art and Design, The City of Melbourne and MOCA Taipei