Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Website

Hello Tribe!!

I have some fantastic news - after months of plotting and planning my new site is finally complete.

From now this blog will be archived and no longer receive updates.

To check out what I've been up to in my arts practice and get a sneak peak of some of new work head to :


ARTISTS and GALLERIES !! Got an art project you need computer drawings for, fabrication or installation? Check out my partner in crime - Artisan Engineering!! Tommy is always happy to chat and help with any project you've got on the hop! He has worked with artists like.... Emily Floyd, Callum Morton, Sally Smart, Bianca Hester and Antony Gormley. And for galleries like McClelland & Anna Schwartz. From large scale public artworks to table top sculptures, he can help with it all ; )

If you would like to continue to receive news about my work, please sign up to the mailing list on my new site @ http://jasminetargett.com/contact/

Monday, June 23, 2014

Jasmine Targett reviewed by The Sydney Morning Herald

Today I found out I was reviewed twice by the Sydney Morning Herald! and I had no idea.... It is a lovely thing to be seen and heard as an artist and I am chuffed that its starting to happen at a National level. I am so grateful to those of you that have reached out and let me know your responses to the work - I have been overwhelmed and humbled. Thanks heaps guys!! Now onto the business of things... excerpts from the articles!

From  Dylan Rainforth's article on June 17, 2014 - 'Space: Around the Galleries- Fear of the future' 

"Jasmine Targett, has used NASA satellite data to represent the ozone hole – and the invisible terror of anthropogenic environmental harm – as a human-scaled, realistically iceberg-shaped sculpture. Because, like an iceberg, it’s what we can’t see that we should be afraid of."

And From Dan Rule's article on June 22, 2014 - 'In the Galleries - Innovators 1'
"Britt Salt and Jasmine Targett’s sculptural installations are highlights. While Salt’s vast canopies of geometrically arranged rubber lines draw our attention to the dynamics of space and our journey through it, Targett’s mountainous sculpture – created using layers of Perspex – forms a prism of shifting, changing colour."

Monday, June 2, 2014

Opening Night at Linden...

Wow.  So that happened. 

Epic opening night that exceeded all of my expectations! 

Thank you so much to everyone that came to see the hidden delights on show in Linden Innovators 1 exhibition. I met lots of amazing new people and was completely overwhelmed by the response to the artwork. I am so pleased that it has inspired and touched so many people - thank you for all of the tweets, facebook posts, pinterest shares and instagrams! 

Here are some of the best instagrams and fb posts from the night. 

Thanks heaps guys! The exhibition is on till Sunday 22nd June 2014. For more details on the show check out Linden's website

New Project opening at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art

Dear Friends and colleagues,

It is my pleasure to give you a sneak peak of my latest installation project that is a part of the Innovators Program at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art and invite you to the Exhibition Opening!

Exhibition Opening: 6 – 8pm Thursday 22 May, 2014.
Linden Centre for Contemporary Art
26 Acland Street, St Kilda 3182 Victoria

Artist - Jasmine Targett
'Blind Spot', 2014
Perspex and Mirror
2.2m x 1.7m x 1.2m

My latest installation project, Blind Spot, has been a daring attempt to map out a large three dimensional hole in space. A complex and multifaceted anti-form that is as optically impossible to describe as the space inside an atom.

Blind Spot describes one of the most significant environmental discoveries of our age- the Ozone Hole. Like an iceberg looming in space, it is a dark wonder of the natural world, a landmark that cannot be found on any atlas or world map. Its appearance in our atmosphere every spring is a haunting reminder of how we close we come to pushing our environment beyond the point of regeneration.

Finding a means to visually and conceptually fathom otherwise unperceivable aspects of nature, the work aims to delineate the blind spot in perception that fails to make the connection between existence and the systems within nature that support it. Further exploring the tension between perception and visibility.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Innovators 1

Friday, 16 May 2014 - Sunday, 22 June 2014

Jessie Bullivant, littlewhitehead, curated by David Hagger, Nicholas Ives, James Bonnici and Amelie Scalercio, Britt Salt, Jasmine Targett

Linden's Innovators series of exhibitions presents new and innovative contemporary art. The artists in Innovators 1 respond to the unique spaces at Linden, through painting, sculpture, installation and intervention

See you at the opening!

Installing at Linden for Innovators 1....

This week's install was epic at Linden Centre for Contemporary Art. Blind Spot is the year long project that I have been working on that has been funded by the Australia Council for the Arts. A labor of love (or total insanity), I am thrilled to be able to share a sneak peak of the work before it opens! 

A massive thank you and explosion of cosmic love to all of the friends and family that rallied round to help bring this project into being. I physically could not have done it with out you!! Sarah Wilmot, Nadia Mercuri, Thomas Ryan, Stef Watson and Dominique Morgan - you are truly loved!

Jasmine Targett Awarded Senini Sculpture Prize from McClelland Gallery

I am thrilled, delighted, honored, stoked... to announce my installation has been awarded the 2013 Mary and Lou Senini Sculpture Prize at McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. 

Title : What the eyes do not see
Medium : Hand blown glass and telescopes
Dimensions : H1.6m x W2.6m x D0.8m

A little about the artwork- 

At night when I look through my telescope I often wonder could there be another person with a telescope looking back at me?

I suffer from what 17th-century English philosopher Francis Bacon called ‘a mystified incomprehension that science alone cannot cure.’ When I think about observation I sense there is a greater connection between object and observer than my eyes can fathom. The Entanglement Paradox has scientifically proven that the observer and subject become molecularly entangled during observation creating an osmotic transference of energy and information. This connection happens instantaneously at a minimum of over 10,000 times faster than the speed of light.

‘What the eyes do not see’ aims to explore how observation challenges the way we understand the world, and how thinking about observation changes what we see.

Thank you so much to my beautiful friends and family that came to show their support, we had a scrumptious afternoon. I wasn't expecting to be awarded even remotely, I was too distracted by Mardi the Curator from the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery telling me that I had gotten a job working with the gallery. It was one of those rare milestones where in 10 minutes everything in your life changes!

Blind Spot awarded new work grant from the Australia Council for the Arts!

.... for those of you that follow my blog I am about to do some serious back dating of news events and updates for my records so forgive me but the wonderful news is well overdue!


Late last year (2013) I was awarded a new work grant for the biggest project I have ever attempted...I am thrilled to be pushing my arts practice to new heights (literally in this case!) Blind Spot is a year long project that will focus on reinterpreting traditional craft materials and techniques, working with new technologies to find an innovative way to respond to the theme the artwork addresses-

'In every observation there is a blind spot, the spot on the retina where the optical nerve is connected making the eye blind on that very spot, all one can do is try to move these blind spots, in an effort to catch a glimpse of the invisible'

The Australia Council for the Arts is an amazing resource for Australia Artists... they reveal hidden truths about Aussie culture like: 

watch this space for project updates....