- parallel worlds

  The Similarity of Parallel Worlds, 2011.
 Installation-hand blow, sandblasted glass domes with two videos.
Installation variable size - Height 140cm x Width 90cm x Length 90cm 
Dome Size - Height 19cm x Length 25cm x Width 25cm

The Similarity of Parallel Worlds visually explores when viewed through a microscope a single cell can bear an unnerving similarity to the Earth’s Sun as seen through a solar telescope. They appear worlds apart and inextricably linked. Tethered to one another in such a way that causes us to question their relationship. As we further examine the science of environmental change it becomes apparent that the cellular is of more influence then its scale infers.

Research for this work has been collated with Dr Judy Callaghan at Monash Micro Imaging, Dr Alina Donea at the Monash Centre for Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics in conjunction with NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Above- Stills from Videos playing inside sandblasted glass looking domes.