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Antarctica Dissolving Perception
Collaborative project with Debbie Symons

Antarctica: Dissolving Perception consists of three hand blown glass domes that research the three central issues surrounding scientific documentation of decreased ozone over Antarctica during the last twenty years. Through shifting scale the domes act similarly to a microscope, magnifying the areas of impact on the ice over the landmass. This research discusses the potential implications the forecast for decreasing ice implies.

Antarctica Dissolving Perception- Installation View
Installation consisting of three glass domes.
Hand blown, sandblasted, silvered, mirrored, dichoric glass

Average individual dome size - Height 15cm x Width 20cm x Length 20cm

Present: Ice Shelf State of Cryosphere
Hand Blown and Dichroic Glass

Collective Past: Climatology Trajectory 
Hand Blown, Sandblasted, Mirrored and Dichroic Glass

Forecast: Heat- (showing blue colour shift)
Hand Blown, Sandblasted and Dichroic Glass

 Forecast: Heat- (showing red colour shift)