Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In the studio....

So its going to be a bit quiet on the south eastern front from me for a few months chaps. I am bunkering down in the studio to get some much needed thesis writing finished and some larger scale projects underway. These pics were taken in the studio a few days ago when some little birdies from austereo popped in to have a chat. Exciting things are a foot! Keep an ear to the ground for the shape of more things to come. j


  1. makes me imagine that each little bubble is an energy force, each one translating into a jewellery sale, an idea for your thesis, a new exhibition opportunity... and you're like an alchemist in your laboratory, adding element to element, such that these little bubbles of energy start to multiply of their own accord... flowing, surging rivers of expansive effervescence.
    go Jaz!

  2. kent! such beautiful words. thank you. my thesis feels like it is a creature unto itself, growing and breathing and hatching into something entirely new and unexpected. its really expanding my consciousness